Unfortunately Questas Limited does not have the rights to sell Story Maker, and it is not currently available anywhere else. If this situation changes we will provide links on this web site as soon as we have some contact details.
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French with Story Maker
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French with Story Maker

Your children will adore using Story Maker in French lessons. Why? Because Story Maker speaks perfect French. So children can write their own active, animated stories where people (and animals!) speak perfect French.
  • High quality French speech engine greatly improves children’s pronunciation
  • Six different French voices, male and female: click here to listen (briefly) to Robert, Cathy and Brigitte
  • Photo backgrounds of real French scenes included
  • Voices can be made to speak more slowly for beginners to follow
  • Ten starter French stories included to get children going
  • Example full story in French included
  • French figures for use in children's stories - gendarmes, road signs, Tabac signs, phone boxes, shop fronts, Metros and many more
  • Children are really proud of their work - especially less able linguists
  • Story Maker can be used by all children whatever their experience of French
Other Languages

Story Maker comes with French included in the price as standard. But other voices are available too at small extra cost.  We already have Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese available to buy immediately (Spanish and German come with spell checkers), but we would also be able to provide Dutch, Polish or Russian in a short period of time if required. 

If you require additional languages other than those mentioned, we would still like to hear from you, as we can ask our Voice provider to see if they have produced or are going to produce a version of the required language, so that we can incorporate it into our product.


french starter
French starter stories included

tresor vole
Example French story included
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