Unfortunately Questas Limited does not have the rights to sell Story Maker, and it is not currently available anywhere else. If this situation changes we will provide links on this web site as soon as we have some contact details.
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We suggest you print out this page before you install the demo version of Story Maker. From this page you can download a demonstration version of Story Maker version 2. This contains some sample stories to show you what can be done with Story Maker v2.You can also download some extra stories from this page. To run these, you will need to download them after downloading the demo, and then copy them to the directory where the demo stories are kept.

There are also some downloads to show how easy it is to make stories.

StoryMaker demo | How to make stories | Extra sample stories

StoryMaker V2 demo

The Story Maker package itself is made up of two parts - Story Maker and Story Player. The Story Maker program enables children and adults to make their own active, animated stories. The Story Player program enables others to play the stories.

The demo version consists of the Story Player program plus some demonstration stories. Other extra sample stories are available for downloading. These demo stories will show you the type of stories you can make for yourself with the Story Maker program. A separate installer, that installs the Story Player program without demonstration stories can be found here for those on a dialup connection who want a smaller download.  To run the demo, you require a Pentium PC, with Windows 98 or later.

The Story Player program enables you to play stories that have been made with Story Maker. All the artwork, sounds and sprites in the demonstration stories (and a lot more!) are supplied with Story Maker.

How to make stories

Four downloads are available outlining how you make stories. These are Flash files that will play in your browser window. Just click on them to view them. They are best viewed in the order here.

Demo1 - Backgrounds, Stamps, Sprites, Speech and Movement.
Demo2 - Sounds, Speech and Linking
Demo3 - Editing paths, Visibility and Actions
Demo4 - French voices

How to install the software

Click on sm2demo.exe (11.5 MB) to begin downloading the demo Version 2.

  1. After you have downloaded the file, find it using Windows Explorer or "My Computer"
  2. Double click your left mouse button on sm2demo.exe. The installation will begin. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Once the software has been installed, you may wish to 'tidy up' by deleting the original downloaded file. This file is not needed to run the software.
  4. Start up the software by using the Start button, then Programs, SPA Software and Story Player 2 demo.
  5. To remove the demonstration from your system, use Add/Remove programs in the Control panel.
Extra sample stories

You can download extra sample stories for use with the Story Maker v2 demo. Some of the stories below come as example stories with the package itself. You may want to print out the instructions below before you download any stories.

Snowjoke.exe (816 KB) - an unhappy farm worker and the three pigs.
Math quiz.exe (76 KB) - a very simple quiz about polygons
Snowy day.exe (571 KB) - when snow falls in town
Magic House.exe (793 KB)- jolly effects when you enter the Magic House.

Click on the name of the story to download it.
  1. After you have downloaded the file, find it using Windows File Manager, Windows Explorer or "My Computer".
  2. Double click your left mouse button on the downloaded filename. An option box will appear. The options are all set to reasonable defaults and you will normally not need to change them.
  3. By default the extracted story will be placed in My Documents/Story Maker 2 stories. You can change this if you wish.
  4. Click on the Unzip button
  5. Once the story has been installed, you may wish to 'tidy up' by deleting the original downloaded file.
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