Unfortunately Questas Limited does not have the rights to sell Story Maker, and it is not currently available anywhere else. If this situation changes we will provide links on this web site as soon as we have some contact details.
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French with Story Maker - click for more information

New features in version 2.1
  • Over 500 more stamps, sprites and backgrounds than v2.0 - 1000 more than version 1!
  • Spell-checking as you type
  • See names of stamps in Libraries
  • New ancient Greek stamps and backgrounds
  • New Fairy tale stamps and backgrounds
    Jack and the (animated!) beanstalk
    Red Riding Hood
    Snow White
    Goldilocks and the three bears
    The gingerbread man
  • Load animated GIF files
  • Spell-checking in French with a 137,000 word dictionary!
  • Optional extra Spanish and German voices also now with spell-checkers
  • Easier network installation via our website
As well as all these new features in version 2
  • French speech now included! Magnifique!
  • Optional extra for German, Spanish etc speech
  • Load your own picture or photo files as backgrounds
  • Example Spanish and French photo backgrounds included
  • Use your own pictures as stamps
  • Draw circles, squares, lines etc
  • Select different speech bubble shapes
  • Edit paths with ease - making a figure walk, turn round, sit down etc is simplicity itself!
  • Insert videos into your stories
jack and the beanstalk


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