Unfortunately Questas Limited does not have the rights to sell Story Maker, and it is not currently available anywhere else. If this situation changes we will provide links on this web site as soon as we have some contact details.
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  • Best possible encouragement for children to write their own stories - for others to read too!
  • Use at all Key Stages.
  • Ideal for co-operative group work.
  • Many educational pictures included - Romans, Tudors, Vikings etc
  • Starter stories (English and French) help to get writing going
  • Spell-checker with 80,000 word dictionary
  • Over 2000 picture stamps and animated sprites


and plain fun!

  • Any figure can be animated to move where you want it to - text too!
  • Dynamic links add action to any figure, text or sprite.
  • Put multiple text boxes or speech bubbles anywhere on your page.
  • Lots of background scenes
  • Make figures appear or disappear and change size
  • Huge library of sounds you can attach to figures - make the cows moo, the dogs bark, the doors creak - and simple to use your own too
  • Speech included - any text can be read out loud - in French too!
  • Choice of over 20 different voices for reading text - or record your own voice!
  • Make links from stamps to other pages to create branching adventure-like stories

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